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Climbing stairs during an endurance event

What Is Vayska?

Vayska is a hydration backpack that uses a silicone bottle instead of a traditional, plastic bladder. The use of silicone provides so many benefits, and that's why we decided to use it for our bottles. Benefits of Vayska silicone bottles include:

  • Does not allow mold to grow from water left in the bottle
  • Cleans in seconds
  • Can be used with flavorings (Like Strike Force Energy, Mio, etc.) with no after taste
  • Freezing cold and boiling hot liquids will never destroy your bottle (we've tried)
  • Dishwasher safe 

Why do you have white bags?

White bags are the original Vayska Pack color. As much as we loved going out and exploring, we also loved talking to others about where we've been. We made Vayska white so that as you use it, it gets dirty. The dirt and mud and sweat on your pack is a way to spark a conversation about where you've been and what you've done that caused your pack to look so unique.

Don't love the white packs? That's OK, we now offer the same great bottle in a black bag.

How is it so easy to clean?

Vayska bottles will stand up. All you need to do after a day of use is pour out what you are drinking, rinse it out, and turn it upside down on a towel or wherever you let dishes dry. It drip dries, so in just a few seconds, you can be done cleaning your gear.

Click here to see how easy it is to clean a Vayska Hydration Backpack

How fast are you shipping right now?

Our order volume has increased substantially, but we are working around the clock shipping orders within 48 hours.

Are you a huge company or based overseas?

No, we are a small, family owned business based in Bristol, VA. Brandon and Amanda, along with their children Maddux and Ali, and family and friends when we can talk them into it, keep Vayska going. While we stay busy with Vayska, we always find time to get outside. We can be found biking the Virginia Creeper Trail , hiking sections of the Appalachian Trail near Damascus, VA and Erwin, TN, and kayaking at Hidden Valley Lake.